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"Simply Jesus"

"Simply Jesus": On Tuesday, Feb 1st we started a new Bible Study entitled "Simply Jesus" by NT Wright. This is a course offered by NT Wright, an Anglican Bishop and Scholar. Prepare to be immersed in the 1st Century A.D. context of the life, work, teachings, and actions of Jesus of Nazareth. This Bible Study was to run for 15 Sessions, with a break during Holy Week, resuming the following week.  It compliments the material found in his bestseller, "Simply Jesus". If you wish to order the book from your favorite bookseller to read alongside the course please do so.


Here is a link to the book on

We have attended the bible study either in person in the Small Hall or online through the Zoom Application.  The course done by NT Wright explores the story of Jesus through a historian’s perspective. Learn more about Simply Jesus at

Due to the sudden passing of the Rev. Jonathan Springthorpe on April 13, 2022, bible study is temporarily on hold.  We are heartbroken at the loss of such a caring, compassionate friend and humble, inciteful, and prayerful leader.

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