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Course Outline:


Sept. 19: Is There More to Life Than This?


Sept. 26: Who is Jesus?


Oct. 3: Why Did Jesus Die?


Oct. 10: How Can I Have Faith?


Oct. 17: Why and How Should I Pray?


Oct. 24: Why and How Should I Read The Bible?
(No Meeting October 31)


Nov. 7: How Does God Guide Us?


Saturday Nov. 11: Holy Spirit Retreat Day:


--Who Is The Holy Spirit?

--What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

--How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?


Nov. 14: How Can I Make the Most of The Rest of My Life?


Nov. 21: How Can I Resist Evil?


Nov. 28: Why and How Should I Tell Others?


Dec. 5: Does God Heal Today?


Dec. 12: What about the Church?

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