The Rev. Jonathan Springthorpe, was appointed Priest and Rector of the Parish of Lancaster, effective Jan. 6, 2020.  Many of you may know Jonathan through his ministry with the Westside Anglican Mission.  Mission and outreach resonate strongly with him, as does youth ministry, which he has been involved with for over 20 years.  We believe that Jonathan's mission and evangelical background and his love of children will ensure that we remain a vibrant Anglican presence in the West Side of Saint John for many years to come.


Jonathan and his wife Kristen have three children, Elijah, Jeremy and Olivia and a family pet – Charlie the dog!

2019 Vestry Members

  • Senior Warden: Terry Ricketts

  • Junior Warden: Bruce MacLeod

  • Past Warden: Jerry Clayton

  • Parish Treasurer: Susan Jack

  • Vestry Clerk: Patti Skidmore

  • Building and Maintenance: Shayne Galbraith, Jerry Clayton

  • Hospitality: Elaine Geary, Lina Toole

  • Communications: Deanna Morrison

  • Housekeeping & Safety: Bruce MacLeod

  • Mission & Outreach: Terry Ricketts, Beverly Janes

  • Finance & Stewardship: Susan Jack, Jeff Maker, Wardens


Brenda Clayton, Joyce Mitchell, Ngaire Nelson, Gordon Spinney

Our "layreaders" provide a leadership role in certain parts of the service, including "Prayers of the People", which they prepare to include current prayer needs in the news. On occasion, they lead the entire service and deliver the sermon in our rector's absence, and assist at weddings and funerals.

Church Sexton: Larry Totten

Larry has been cheerfully looking after our Church and Hall buildings since the days when his father George was the Sexton.

Organist and Choir Director:

David Mitchell (B.A., B.Mus., M.A.)

David is a noted voice teacher and singer, founding Director of the Sussex Choral Society and Polyphon A Cappella Chorus, Director of Still Waters Choir, and the past and founding Director of the Saint John Men's Chorus. He has led the ministry of music at Good Shepherd since 1998.

2020 Vestry Members

Bruce MacLeod - Senior Warden

Patti Skidmore - Junior Warden

Terry Ricketts - Past Warden

Susan Jack - Treasurer

Sharon Baxter - new in 2020

Janet Brown - new in 2020

Jerry Clayton

Shayne Galbraith

Beverly Janes

Jeff Maker

Deanna Morrison

2020 Synod Delegates:

Brenda Clayton

Susan Jack

2020 Synod Alternates:

Joyce Mitchell

Bruce MacLeod

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