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Mission Action Plan Prayer:  Heavenly Father, we seek your direction and guidance as we compose our Mission Action Plan.  Give us ears to hear your voice and speak to us about our mission.  Give us insights into the neighborhoods around us and reveal to us opportunities to reach out with hope.  Show us where to work to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Word and Deed.  Help us to be wise and good stewards of our resources in your mission.  In Jesus Name. Amen.

June 6, 2021 - Our Updated Mission Plan Board


Our Mission Action Plan walks:

June 9, 2021: Queen Sq West Park

June 16, 2021: started and ended at Seaside Park SchoolThe weather was great!  We saw playgrounds, parks and some great SIDEWALK ART (courtesy of the Carleton Community Center Summer Staff - painted there that day), but except for a few children at one playground, not many people were out and about.

June 23, 2021the Dennis Morris Community Center, 330 Greenhead Road.

Have you taken a walk or drive around your neighborhood?  Continue your neighborhood observations over the summer and add your incites to our Mission Action Plan interactive Boards in the small Chapel on your way out of church on Sunday.  Click on "June 1, 2021 MAP Interactive Boards" above to learn more about them.

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