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News from the Mission to Seafarers

Changes this year due to COVID-19

We will have a Christmas program for seafarers this year, but it’ll be a bit different. We will sanitize and handle everything in accordance with COVID-19 regulations. Anything in plastic or cans (shave cream, shampoo, toothpaste, packaged candy and nuts) will be wiped down. Other items (hats, socks, cloth items) will be isolated prior to distribution.

As to the differences this year, we won’t be packaging individual gifts. We plan to send a large package to each crew for distribution on the ship. There will be plenty of items so that each seafarer will have some things and be able to share other things, but each seafarer won’t have one of everything.

Please help if you can. Deadline to drop off gifts is Dec. 4, although late gifts are accepted.


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